What kind of retouching/editing requirements do you have?

Nadya -

Most photos require basic color correction. Make sure that the white balance, exposure, and contrast all look good before uploading a set.

Beyond that, it's your call. We encourage a diversity of photographic styles on Zivity, so the level of retouching is up to you: it can be as minimal as making a pimple vanish, or as extravagant as giving your model a mermaid tail. You can keep the colors natural, or you can give the set a moody color cast. Whatever works for you as an artist!

When it comes to retouching - especially retouching people - competence is key. Here is a gallery of Photoshop DON'TS when it comes to retouching skin, facial features and hair. Avoid textureless skin and plastic-looking facial features (unless you're going for the "plastic fembot from the future" look, of course). We celebrate all body types here Zivity, so avoid giving your photos the Ralph Lauren treatment

If you need any resources for retouching, I recommend this wonderful YouTube tutorial by Krunoslav Stifter. Natalia Teffarel also has some wonderful tutorials.

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