What kind of Photo ID can I use to prove my age?

Nadya -

Zivity models must be 19 years of age or older when the photos are taken.

The model proof of age photo must be a government issued ID such as a Drivers License or Passport. There are two ways we suggest getting a digital image made of your photo ID:

  • Take a close-up image of your ID with a good camera or phone. (Note: Avoid direct flash glare when taking the photo).
  • Scan your ID on a flatbed scanner with your personal computer.
  • Please note: Black and white copies ID will not be accepted. 

The ID should be in focus, and the birthday, ID photo, issue date, and expiration date should all be legible. Do not alter the image in any way such as marking things out or writing on the image. The photo you submit should be a medium resolution image and can be cropped so that it shows the entire ID card or passport page. No need to send us image files larger that 1MB.

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