How much do Models make?

Okami -

One vote is equivalent to one dollar. Any Zivity member can purchase votes. When a member votes on a set, the number of votes they've given is essentially how much money they have given the set. For example, if a member votes 15 times, that’s $15.

That dollar is then split up and distributed to the model, the photographer, and the site according to the Master Agreement. Currently, models get 55% of each vote, photographers receive 30%, and Zivity takes 15% to cover processing fees.



Zivity pays artists electronically every quarter (every 3 months). Our payment schedule is as follows:

  • Jan-March Earnings - paid May 15th
  • April-June Earnings - paid Aug 15th
  • July-Sept Earnings - paid Nov 15th
  • Oct-Dec Earnings - paid Feb 15th

You can always access your Earnings Summary to keep track of how much you've made in the past, and how much you'll get paid in the future.

For more information on how to get your money fastest, check out our FAQ item "What are my options for getting paid?" In a nutshell, we want you to update your Account Settings with your PayPal address, but there are other options.

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