What are Profile Badges?

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Badges are for the highest accomplishments, achievements or status on the site. They are cool bling (or flare if you've watched Office Space) that you can earn for your profile and are rewarded for various achievements and coolness accomplished on the site. We roll new ones out every now and then, so check back to see what has been added, and how you can get a shiny badge of your own.

Current badges:

Verified: These badges are awarded to business entities, agents, scouts, and individuals who are well known and could be impersonated. The purpose of this badge is to give our community more trust in business interactions that come from accounts. If someone approaches you to be in a magazine, music video, etc. refer them to this verified program. We'll vet the opportunity and entity for you to make sure they are a legitimate business. We still can't guarantee they will follow through with their offer, but at least you'll know who you are dealing with.

Zivity Staff: All employees of Zivity will have one of these badges. If someone doesn't have this badge and is talking to you about Zivity, they don't work here. We also have a little Z next to our name when we message you privately or write on your wall.

Ambassador: These are shining model and photographer citizens of the Zivity world. They embody the Zivity spirit and champion what this site and what this community stands for. We have ambassadors all over earth and we are looking for more. There's an application process and a level of commitment required for this badge. A list of the ambassadors will be updated on our about us page . These are great people to reach out to if you want to know how things work around here from a community perspective. Get to you know the nearest ambassador to you.

Prize Winner: If you win one of our many prizes you'll get this shiny badge on your profile as well as a tab showing off which prizes you have won. Currently we don't give out multiple badges for this achievement, so you'll only see one badge even if you've won multiple prizes. However, the winners will all appear on the special prize tab on your profile.

Prize Creator: These are awarded to anyone who sponsors a prize on Zivity. Prizes are fun and a great way to get customized submissions for many themes you can dream of. Is there something on Zivity you'd like to see that doesn't exist? This is a great way to let the artists know what you are looking for. Prizes start at $50 and can go as high as you want.

Model of the Year: These badges are awarded to two models every year. The model with the most votes and the model with the most voters.

Photographer of the Year: These badges are awarded to two photographers every year. The photographer with the most votes and the photographer with the most voters.

Have an idea for a badge? Suggest it to us!

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