What paperwork is needed to submit a photo set?

Madame Elaine -

Our paperwork is 100% electronic, and can all be done online. We only need these once per person but we need them before we can pay you publish your work:

  • Photography Master License (Photographers only sign this)
  • Master Model Release Agreement (Models only sign this)
  • W-9 (For tax purposes.  International artists will not fill this out) 
  • W-8BEN (For international artists. Be sure to check the box in Part III if you did not shoot your set in the United States.)
  • Color copy (scan or clear photograph) of a photo ID with birth date. (Models only)

Remember, a model must be a Zivity member before a photographer can credit her in a photo set.

Models must be age 19 or above when the photographs are taken.

When you're ready to sign up for Zivity, email us and we'll send you a link to the forms. If you'd like for an artist you collaborated with to join Zivity, just ask them to write to us and we'll help them get set up.

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