Will I be getting a 1099-MISC Form from Zivity for tax purposes?

Nadya -

We sent 1099-MISC forms to every Zivity artist who made over $600 in 2014, but only if they were being paid by check or direct deposit. According to new IRS regulations, people who get paid via credit card, debit card, or third party system such as PayPal are excluded from the 1099-MISC calculations. PayPal will send you a 1099-K if you made over $20K.

So if you got paid by check/direct deposit, AND if you made over $600, then a 1099 should have already been emailed to you, to the email addresses that Zivity has on file. Instructions on how to open the file are outlined within the email. If you should have received one and did not, please contact us.

Regardless of whether or not you received a 1099 from us, you can quickly look up your earnings on your Artist Dashboard for tax purposes. Go to your Earnings Summary to keep track of how much you've earned on Zivity in the past.

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