Help! I'm having issues with the electronic paperwork!

Okami -

In December 2013, we rolled our a new, secure electronic document-signing process for photographers and models, and we're no longer accepting scanned forms or email attachments of any kind. The new process is 100% paperless - no more paper jams or scanner hassles.  While this process works great 99% of the time, we are still having some issues 1% of the time.

If the form fields aren't showing up properly (like this), this means you might be on an outdated version of Safari or Firefox.  We recommend upgrading your browser or trying the Chrome web browser, which seems to work consistently for people. It can be downloaded here.

If you are having trouble attaching your ID, try resizing it, and make sure that it is saved in JPG format.

For security reasons, we absolutely cannot accept any of these documents (especially IDs) via email.  Please do not send them to us.

If you are still having issues, we recommend using the computer of a trusted friend to get your paperwork submitted. Make sure that you delete your ID off their computer once you're done.

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