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Content Guidelines

The key word here is "guideline". The mere fact that our site is editorial, means things are subjective at times. When an editorial decision is made, we unfortunately often can't give reasons unless spare time allows. If we can, we will. These guidelines are meant to be general rules, and are a part of our Terms of Use.

Your photo sets will be screened by Zivity's Editorial Team before publication. Photography should meet the following criteria to be accepted for publication. Please keep in mind, Zivity reserves the right to reject any photo for any reason without notice. Zivity also reserves the right to remove any photo from a set without notice. 


Your photo set can contain as few as 8 strong photos that speak for themselves and as many as 45. However, if you have a high concept shoot, we will make exceptions for smaller sets, but really, anything less than 4 photos will not be accepted.

Usually, a photo set is a collection of 15-30 photographs of a single model, created by a single photographer. Photo sets must be uploaded to the Zivity website as .jpg files within a .zip file. Images must be at least 1500 pixels long or tall.

Multiple models are not accepted in a set unless it is absolutely necessary for a story line to have additional models as props. In this case they:

a) CAN NOT BE IDENTIFIED (tattoos, face, marks, style, etc.)
b) CAN NOT TOUCH EACH OTHER IN A SEXUAL MANNER (think Sports Illustrated or people just hanging out)


Quality usually means the photographs were taken with a digital or 35mm single lens reflex (SLR) camera and demonstrate clarity, good focus, good color balance, knowledge of composition, and consistency. Consistency includes submitting either an all color photo set or an all black & white photo set. Photo selection, post-processing, theme, location, styling, and pose are also assessed as part of quality. Based on this criteria, photographers applying to Zivity or sets may be rejected.

We know a lot goes into your photo shoots and we have five publication paths based on quality.

  • Showcased - You can't get more subjective than this. These are sets that are recommended by members of the site, favorites of staff and sets that get mentioned to us by visitors. If someone brings up a set and praises it, chances are it will get featured here. These are the sets you see on the logged in homepage.
  • Editorial Picks - Amazing, awesome, beautiful set. These are sets that appear on the featured leaderboards and are considered examples of where we'd like the editorial bar to be. Having a set here doesn't mean that you'll get more or less votes, but it is an honor to be published in this section and it is the first page that new members see when they click to view photos.
  • Noteworthy - Above-average quality set with some delightful stand-out shots. Gold star! These sets can still be picked for the Showcase for any reason. These sets are great, meet our content guidelines, but do not set the editorial bar for the site. We may have too many sets with similar themes or the posing, lighting, composition might not be where it could be.
  • All Submissions - Cool set of average quality, one or two outstanding shots. This section includes everything that's been published, which does include some of the more novice content.
  • Direct to Profile - If your set got this rating, most likely the photography is at an amateur level. Sets with fake blood may also end up in this category.


Because Zivity is focused on celebrating the art of the human body, Content on Zivity SHOULD NOT include more than one person (unless they are props, have underpants on, are not touched in a sexual manner and can not be identified), sex acts, masturbation, spread shots, hands placed within 3 inches of nude bikini area, death themes, animals in sexual context, child themes, real or implied bodily fluids (blood, fake blood, etc), implied or actual dismemberment or electronic censorship of body parts. Photos of males can show bare butt and bare chest but keep the junk in the trunk. Implied nudes are fine.


  • CHILD THEMES No binkies, pacifiers, diapers, etc.
  • UNDERAGE THEMES No high school or grade school suggestive titles.
  • EXPLICIT PHOTOS FOCUSING ON GENITALIA THAT LACK ARTISTIC MERIT. We don't want to debate you over this. There are plenty of sites out there that specialize in giving people an up-close and personal view of ladyparts. There's nothing wrong with that, but that's not what Zivity is about. Photos that include the vulva are allowed, but the photos must be exceptional in terms of creative quality, as outlined in our Photo Guide. If your set includes highly revealing depictions of the lower bathing suit parts, those photos must not only be excellent, but they must also be a small part of a larger visual story. Famed erotic photographer Ellen Von Unwerth once said, "eroticism is something that is mysterious, that makes you dream. It’s a little bit forbidden, it’s exciting." Zivity Editorial wants you to leave things to the imagination, and the Editorial Team will remove photos from your set that show too much - especially if they lack in creative quality. 
  • MASTURBATION If it even remotely looks like masturbation, it is removed.
  • BODILY FLUIDS On occasion we allow fake blood for Halloween-ish sets, but we ask for a disclaimer slide or that it looks pretty darn fake. All blood, gore, etc. sets will be published direct to profile. These sets will not be featured.
  • CHOCOLATE SAUCE Let's face it, this sometimes just looks like baby poo and doesn't end up looking the way it does in our minds. It is rarely sexy. Effective 02/05/2013.
  • WRINKLED BACK DROPS Many of these sets, unless done very well, will be rejected. Try to get really creative with the setting of your photographs; simple is usually better. We prefer a brick wall over a draped wrinkled backdrop. Effective 02/05/2013.
  • SEX TOYS If it is a prop, sure, but it should not be used in the way it was probably intended. If our Editorial Team deems the use of a sex toy to be too explicit, the photos will be removed or the set will be rejected.
  • ILLEGAL ACTIVITY Please don't depict any kind of illegal activity. This includes drug use. Effective 12/19/2011. 
  • VIOLENT CRIMES No depictions of violent crime. Effective 01/05/2013.
  • HATE CRIMES Photos cannot depict symbolism or language associated with hate crimes.
  • BORDERS AROUND PHOTOS Other than instant film frames around photos, photo sets should not contain any bordered photos. Effective 11/10/2014.
  • EXCESSIVE PHOTOSHOP Unless you have a compelling theme and you are a Level-10 Photoshop master, do not attempt green screen background replacement or "artistic" Photoshop filters. If such a set is for a prize and Photoshop is required to achieve a specific effect pertaining to that prize, it can be okay. But generally, sets with bad Photoshop will go to All Submissions or be rejected


  • RACIST/COLONIALIST INSTANCES OF CULTURAL APPROPRIATION Sexy "Geisha" outfits, American Indian headdresses, bindis, and similar elements are discouraged unless you have strong, authentic ties to the cultures that originated these traditions.

    Not all instances of appropriation are inherently "bad," but some types of appropriation can be racist, colonialist, or otherwise problematic. The intention of this guideline isn't to police people's art, but to raise awareness. We strongly encourage artists to read up on cultural appropriation and decide for themselves whether it's something they want to do in a shoot. If you'd like to learn more, you can start by reading thisthisthis or this.

    We do believe that it is possible to pay homage to another culture in a respectful, loving way, and that it's possible to remix cultural influences to produce something original and awesome by adding your own unique elements and being inspired by rather than copying. When we say "strong, authentic ties" to a culture, that could mean many things: growing up in that culture, being deeply immersed in that culture even if you're not related to it by blood, taking the time to reverently study and understand that culture (and taking the time to contextualize its influence for your viewers in a respectful way), doing activist work to advocate for the fair treatment of members of a marginalized culture, etc. The opposite of "strong ties" is wearing another oppressed culture's garb like a cheap Halloween costume without stopping for a moment about how that reinforces stereotypes and affects your fellow artists and site members.


At Zivity, we pride ourselves on being an artist-friendly site and value the time and work that our photographers put into their photo sets. However, as Zivity is an editorial web publication, not every photo can be published and we may remove photos prior to publishing your photo set or any other Content on the site. If you have any questions, please email info@zivity.com.

Last updated February 23, 2016.

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