What do Editorial Pick, Showcased, Noteworthy, All Submissions and Direct to Profile mean?

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When your set gets moderated, Zivity's editorial team assigns it a rating.

Note that a set's rating has nothing to do with the model's physical appearance or level of nudity. We welcome all body types, and encourage people with unconventional looks to step in front of the camera. The photographer and model do share a responsibility for crafting a great set, and we look for quality both in photography and the model's performance. To get a better understanding of our criteria in this regard, check out the Zivity Artist Guide.

We know a lot goes into your photo shoots and we have five publication paths based on quality. Ratings are as follows:

  • Editorial Picks - Amazing, awesome, beautiful set. These are sets that appear on the featured leaderboards and are considered examples of where we'd like the editorial bar to be. Having a set here doesn't mean that you'll get more or less votes, but it is an honor to be published in this section and it is the first page that new members see when they click to view photos.
  • Showcased - You can't get more subjective than this. These are sets that are recommended by members of the site, favorites of staff and sets that get mentioned to us by visitors. If someone brings up a set and praises it, chances are it will get featured here. These are the sets you see on the logged in homepage.
  • Noteworthy - Above-average quality set with some delightful stand-out shots. Gold star! These sets can still be picked for the Showcase for any reason. These sets are great, meet our content guidelines, but do not set the editorial bar for the site. We may have too many sets with similar themes or the posing, lighting, composition might not be where it could be.
  • All Submissions - Cool set of average quality, one or two outstanding shots. This section includes everything that's been published, which does include some of the more novice content.
  • Direct to Profile - If your set got this rating, most likely the photography is at an amateur level. Sets with fake blood and wrinkled backdrops may also end up in this category.


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