How can non-subscribers vote on my sets?

Nadya -

As of April 2015, we're trying a new experiment. We're enabling everyone on the Internet - Facebook fans, Tumblr followers, friends and family - to support your work on Zivity, regardless of whether or not they are a subscriber. Anyone who lands on any of your public sets is now able to vote on them and receive a special type of free account in the process. 

The "vote" button now appears on all your public sets, with the call to action "Support This Artist." Clicking this button will familiarize the site visitor with the concept of voting, and guide them through the process of buying their first votes so that they can support you. Here's what this looks like:

Once a fan votes for you this way, they will receive a special type of free account. With this account, they will be able to view recommended sets, some of which will be public (about 10% of all Zivity sets), and vote on any of those public sets. They'll also see that there are tons more sets available if they subscribe.

So go ahead and make those sets public. Post them on Twitter. Post them on Facebook. Tell your fans that they can now support your beautiful creations on Zivity, get a free account in the process, and be part an awesome community. And if they end up subscribing after a while? You can earn a referral bonus! Learn more about Zivity's referral program.


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