What is Monthly Support? Why support artists monthly?

Nadya -

Monthly support is a way for fans - whether or not they're Zivity subscribers - to pledge to support artists on a monthly basis. Think of it as chipping in for a monthly paycheck for your favorite artist, together with your fellow fans.

You can now pledge any amount of money to support an artist's work on a monthly basis. Having reliable income means that your chosen artists have more freedom in planning their lives - resulting in more of their work for you to enjoy.

Supporting an artist will grant you access to their most exclusive fan club. You will receive special backers-only content, beyond Zivity sets, created by your supported artists. Each artist will have their own way of thanking you, from behind-the-scenes sets to videos to photo tutorials and more.

Studies show that expressing gratitude is key to human happiness, and what better way to thank your artists than to pledge to support them? Backing your favorite artist is like saying, "Keep doing what you're doing - it means a lot to me." Doing this can only result in more beauty, diversity, and goodwill.

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