When/how will my card be billed?

Nadya -

You are billed right away the first time you back an artist, and for any other artists you back on that day.

Thereafter, you'll be billed the next month on the following day. If you back Alice on the 5th of December, you'll be billed on the 6th of January, 6th of February, etc. If the day falls between the 28th-31st of the month, we push your rebill date forward to the 1st.

If you back another artist, billing is prorated to your next rebill date. If, after backing Alice for $5/mo on December 5th, you back Mary for $10/mo on December 27th, you'll be charged $2.14 right away for the 6 days remaining before your rebill date (remember, we don't count the 29th-31st). After that, you'll be charged $15 for both Mary and Alice on January 6th, and each month after that.

THe charges will appear on your card as Zivity LLC.

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