What is Monthly Support?

Nadya -

Monthly support is a way for your fans - whether or not they're Zivity subscribers - to pledge to support your work on a monthly basis. Think of it as a steady paycheck, crowdfunded by your community of fans.

Why is recurring support good for artists? It's a source of income that you can rely on. Though the exact amount may shift as your backers change over time, there will likely be an upward trend as long as you promote your profile and engage with your backers.

Recurring support also creates an exclusive club of your most loyal fans, who you can engage through backers-only messages.

Using this new set of features is easy. Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Activate this feature on your profile. Set up a funding goal. For example: "if I reach $100 a month in recurring funding, I will buy a new 50mm lens for shooting sets."
  2. Let your friends and fans know that you’re now accepting pledges. Here are some tips for how to ask for recurring support.
  3. Engage with your new supporters. Send your recurring backers special rewards of your choosing. Videos, tutorials, bonus photosets, stories, whatever works for your fan base.
  4. Get paid monthly!
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