Is Monthly Support replacing voting on Zivity?

Nadya -

Nope! Monthly Support is a new way to make money, in addition to the existing ways that artists can earn money on Zivity (which are: via voting, referral revenue, and prizes). 

Furthermore, all these different systems of earning can work great together. For example, let's say you get a new fan to sign up to support you on Zivity. If you encourage them to then subscribe to Zivity in order to see all the other sets, you can earn referral revenue. As you continue to publish new sets, you can tell your backers about them, encouraging them to vote. And finally, you can enter those new sets into prizes, and earn additional revenue if you win.

If you're a model, encouraging your Monthly Backers to vote on your sets is a great way to support for your photographers, as well as yourself.

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