Will people be able to support artists even if they aren't a current Zivity member?

Nadya -

Absolutely! Monthly Support is open to the entire Internet. Your Facebook fans, your Twitter followers, your friends, your family, anyone is welcome to support.

If your backer is new to Zivity (for example, they're a Facebook fan who signs up to support you without ever being a prior Zivity subscriber), they instantly get two huge perks:

  • They are able to view all your sets for as long as they remain your backer
  • They receive a Free Basic Zivity Account. This account will let them browse the site, and view thousands of other Zivity sets (the ones marked "public" by photographers, about 20% of the ses on Zivity) for free

So, in exchange for backing you, new fans get access to your photos and thousands of other Zivity sets from hundreds of artists. It's a pretty sweet deal!

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