What do I get in return for pledging to support an artist?

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Artists publish backers-only updates that will go straight to your inbox. You're also able to message the artists that you support. 

Every artist has their own style of updating. Some may update three times a week, others a couple of times a month. Some may update with with lots of candid photos, others with carefully-crafted professional shoots. It all depends on the artist; how much time it takes for them to produce their work, how much they're currently making, etc. 

Artists may also choose to send out other types of incentives in addition to photos. Here's a partial list of things we're seeing:

  • Behind-the-scenes photos from their Zivity shoots
  • Confessional-style life updates
  • Photography/lighting/posing tutorials
  • Stories, drawings, and other artwork
  • A weekly Google Hangouts session with backers
  • Access to Snapchat, Kik, Periscope stream, etc.
  • Entries into a backer-only giveaway (for example: "everyone who backs to support me at $20 or more this month gets entered into a giveaway of a signed prints")
  • Physical mail! Signed prints, hand-written "thank you notes", Instax, etc.
  • Q&A videos where you answer questions from backers
  • A commissioned photo shoot
  • Etc.!

It truly depends on the artist. If you want a certain artist to offer up a certain type of backers-only reward, you can always suggest it.

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