I'm a guy. Can I model for Zivity?

Okami -

I'm a guy. Can I model for Zivity?

You can! We have a less robust, less visible Dude section on Zivity. Email artists@zivity.com with your portfolio to get started.

Can I model nude?

Dude sets can show bare butt and bare chest but keep the junk in the trunk. Implied nudes are fine. Keep in mind that you will also have to follow the rest of our Content Guidelines!

Can I participate in prizes?

Unfortunately, Dudes cannot participate in Prizes on Zivity at this time.

Where will my photoset show up?

Your photoset will show up under the "Dudes" section in the "Photos" tab on the site. Your profile will also show up in the "Dudes" section under the "People" tab.

Can I submit self-shot sets?

Sure can!

Do I have to show my face/can I be anonymous?

You do have to have at least one visible, clear photo of your face in your first photoset so that we can compare it to your photo ID that you will submit with your paperwork.

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